Monday, December 3, 2012

my trip to Gone On Arrival (GOA) and experience Part-1

It was 30th Friday of November in 2012 we are in travels pick up point in Paradise.  I went for purchasing the water bottle, i had to travel 500m long distance in the lane of sbi bank of Paradise to reach the general stores, i took the 2litres bottle costed me 27INR/-, i returned back to pick up point, my friends have shown there presence, a bit late but on time, the pick up was by a eicher van, we 

boarded it, beware of the people of the travel agency, they will pick your bags to the pick up van which is 5m away and once you get on the bus they will be asking you service charge for it (like 50INR/- dona saab) i gave him 10INR/- as it was a small bag and learned  my lesson of travelling through private  travel agency's. He reached mehdipatnam area petrol bunk were we boarded to the main bus which will be taking us to GOA, it was a semi sleeper bus ( if your 6ft 2inch tall you are going to regret your height) the boot space when the seats are inclined will be terribly low. They gave us 1litre bottle in the bus ( Paulo Travels Multi-axle lol it shakes like ordinary bus), the bus stopped at a dhaba, thanks to my mom for preparing some roti's for me, which i had in the dhaba. We reached belagum by 5AM and we stopped at the travels pick up point, went for the washroom, cam back the temperature was too low in belagum. The driver took us to GOA in the mountian route which is the  Maharashtra route, it was not constructed properly, mud road to be precise. It took us 3 hours in that route which would have not been occured if we came through the high way route to GOA of Bengaluru. We reached Panaji by 10:30 AM. The view of it was cool one side crusie ships and the other side fishermen ships and mostly empty on the bridge way, we stopped for 5 minutes and went to Marmagao and we had the pickup by travel pick up van far better then the one in hyderabad. We reached joecons beach resort. It was really good, well maintained resort as i stayed for 2 days and 1 night. We were given face wash towels, welcome drink and i got a apartment flat for me it has 1 bed room, 2 washrooms , 1 small kitchen area and dining table, couch, tv. We changed and rushed towards the restaurant for the brakfast, but as we arrived breakfast was done we had to wait for 1hour for lunch. After having lunch we rushed towards the colva beach for water sports

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