Sunday, December 9, 2012

My experience with Google nexus 7 manufacturers by basis 32Gb wifi 3g

It was full of surprising when I just brought the nexus 7 32 gb wifi 3g variant for 300€ from Germany carrier unlocked version I opened the nexus 7.  I couldn't find headphones in the box or any covers it was for the disappointment, as i remember my last smart phones nokia lumia 800, motorola back flip i got pair of headphones with mic, it was missing, i checked several un-boxing videos of different tablet like nexus 10, note 10.1, etc.  It is a great burden for the user to choose a quality headphones in the local market keeping the price in mind.

I switched on the nexus 7, i completed the initial setup of choosing language, next wifi setting, the boot up time for nexus 7 is less for 32 gb variant when compared to 8 & 16 gb variants.  I opened settings when to about page, i clicked on the system updates, i found the 4.2.1 update for my 4.2 running tablet, i immediately clicked on the download, it was done, there was a power cut when i clicked on the reboot & install it resulted in update error, which cannot be rolled back so fast, i had to hold the power button and it turned off the device, i switched it on, the power came back but was not able to update it,  had to reset it. This time i assured there was no power black out in my room, i used ups for the router, i was able to make the update & cross checked with the google stack room manual update of it with the build number, it matched.

So after a lot of searching on what kind of application, mainly games that mostly you will be using in your tablet i am listing them out below with a screenshot.

Below is the screenshot of my data usage over wifi, i didn't add a micro sim I will be easier updating you all with that soon in my next post. 

Below is my two screens one with the apps the other screen with games. The background is the nexus 7 logo live wall paper jelly bean Nexus search for it in play store. 

Below my screen lock screenshot. 

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