Friday, February 11, 2011

Following are the softwares used for indentification of hardware

  1. AMD CPU Info: Software from AMD to correctly detect the installed AMD CPU on your PC.
  2. AMD CPUID: Software from AMD to detect the CPU clock, L1 and L2 memory cache, model, revision and supported instruction sets.
  3. AMD OverDrive: Program for identifying, monitoring and overclocking AMD CPUs.
  4. AMI Motherboard ID Utility: Finds out your motherboard manufacturer if its BIOS is from AMI. 

how to identify firmware & hardware

Let us take a look at what ‘Hardware’ means when you talk about computers – almost all of the devices that you can find assembled into your computer come under the category of hardware. This includes the processor, the memory, the motherboard, the hard disks, the removable media drives (CD-ROM/DVD Reader/Writer, floppy drives, USB drives, the power supply, sound card, networking devices and Input/Output devices.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

depletion of IPv4 and start of IPv6

lets welcome IPv6, You do not need to change your system if you bought your system in these recent years say 3 years back from now. Because Intel, AMD and many other brands of motherboards have already updated their IPv6 internally. Check the below picture you can see a protocol version named IPv6.
The Internet Society, an organization dedicated to the good of the Internet, is organizing "World IPv6 Day" on June 8 of this year. Web giants Facebook, Yahoo, and Google, with a combined one billion visitors per day, are participating by enabling IPv6 for their main services that day. But unlike during the IETF IPv6 experiment, IPv4 won't be turned off.

Intel Edison arduino MicroSD card 128 GB flashing from exFat to Fat32 format

I bought a 128GB microSD card from samsung, in order to extend my storage space in Intel Edison arduino.  But, there is a missing informati...