Sunday, August 29, 2010

how to remove the new folder.exe or autorun.inf.regsvr.exe virus

The virus new folder.exe or autorun.inf.regsvr.exe are mainly popular as pen drive virus because there are often found in pen drives and are transmitted very fastly to the computer's when the pen drive's are inserted in the pc's or laptop's or netbook's.The main reason behind the virus spreading fastly is because most of the anti-virus installed in the computer's like avast,bit deffender,etc. are unable to find this virus or even though the virus is found there are unable to delete it or quarantie the virus .
Hence i came up with my experienced view of deleting this virus and stopping it from damaging your computer.please follow the following steps in order to remove the new folder.exe or autorun.inf.regsvr.exe virus from your system :

How to download the content from mediafire , rapidshare , megaupload , hotfile , extrabit

today i am going to help you in downloading bulk number of files (such as movies,music,software,games) from file hosting sites such as Rapidshare , mega upload , MediaFire, , 4Shared, Gigasize, zShare, Hotfile, FileFactory and Orion .

many of the user's on the internet might have come across the at every time try to download some files (such as movies,music,software,games) we come across links ranging from 1 to 23 for a single file splited in parts.

example is a screen shot of the one of the bulk lins shown in some websites to download a game



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About the author of the blog

AKARSH SEGGEMU was born in the year 1991.


He had a big passion of watching movies.

He can understand three different kinds of languages (Hindi,Telugu,English) as he had schooling with all the three languages.

At the schooling age he had written many essays for the essay writing competition in his school.
His article on Effects caused by Television on growing Children is published in THE TIMES OF INDIA for the year 2004 in the education times column.

After his schooling he had choose to become an Computer Engineer and he joined in Padmasri Dr.B.V.Raju Institute of Technology (Narsapur) for pursuing Bachelor of Technology in the Computer Science and Engineering.

He also worked as a Student editor for the college newsletter and he is selected as the newsletter reporter for the Computer Science and Engineering Department in his college.
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He recently started a Blog

Intel Edison arduino MicroSD card 128 GB flashing from exFat to Fat32 format

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