Monday, May 27, 2013

Mobile carrier to be choosen in portugal for local and international calls

After coming and staying in portugal for more then 3 months, here is my experience on choosing the mobile carriers which may work for you.

  • Vodafone portugal
  • Lyca mobile portugal

Vodafone :
If you have few friends whom you will be calling up in a week at least once or sms them.
If you want to use some internet for navigation also and facebook to check some messages or notifications.
Vodafone is a good choice if your intention is in above two lines, Go for the plan vodafone Yorn W.
you will be paying weekly 1.75 Euros.
Remember when you first buy the vodafone after one day whatever the amount you will recharge you get double the amount of your balance on your phone.

Lyca mobile :
If you want to make cheap local and international calls at lesser price then go for lyca mobile, as it costs only 1 Euro cent per minute to call to INDIA, and only 8 Euro cent per minute to call to any number in portugal.
But you need to wait like 1 week to 14 days to get the sim to your postal address, unlike other mobile carrier operators you cannot buy this at vendor stores, it has to be ordered online.

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