Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to flash a Nokia Lumia 800

In order to flash a Nokia Lumia 800, you will require the following tools and rom from navi firm 1.7 plus to be downloaded depending upon your country and carrier variant.

1) Nokia Care Suite  ( Nokia_Care_Suite_5.0_2012.12.5.3 )
2) Navi firm 1.7 plus ( navifirmplus_1.7 )
3) Rom from Navi firm 1.7 plus to be downloaded (select your country and carrier varriant)

You can upgrade or downgrade your firmware and os by flashing it.

1) After downloading the  navifirmplus_1.7, extract it.  Open the navifirmplus_1.7 Folder.

2) Upon opening the navifirmplus_1.7 it will look like this ( below ). Click on NaviFirmPlus.aspx .

3) It will open up NaviFirmPlus , it will look like this ( below ). Enter in the bottom of the search bar your lumia 800 rm version example : my rm version is rm-801.

4)Upon selecting the rm version, it will check and show you the releases of that rm version as below.

5) Now click on the release version you would like to flash.

6) It will show you the country and carrier variant of that release version as below.

7) Type in the bottom search your country or carrier name. Example : my country is INDIA

8) Click on the country variant it will display the files to be downloaded, they will be saved in FW folder in the NaviFirmPlus

9) Copy the downloaded folder into the products of the Nokia Care Suite as follows :
10) Upon opening the Packages folder you will see products folder .

11) paste the downloaded rm version here, after pasting the folder it will look as below.

12) check the downloaded files by cross checking with NaviFirmPlus

Now open the Care Suite and select the right model (RM-817)

Select Recovery:

Select the correct flash file, remember to use always the latest version, check on "Data package manager" for updated firmwares.

follow the instructions on screen:
When you are ready connect the phone holding the volume up button and let the care suite do his job:

After few minutes:

 Now your Lumia 800 is flashed and ready :) .


Anonymous said...

Since your using the method of Recovery to flash the phone, does it totally wipe the phone? I read others and instead of recovery, they said to refurbish it.

Akarsh Seggemu said...

The recovery method is the best way to flash any country variant for your mobile, refurbish is a different search engines will help you define it, what it really is

Unknown said...


Akarsh Seggemu said...

@Ilya Balodyan you are welcome

Anonymous said...

thnks akash u helped me a lot.i nubile to nokia flashing

Unknown said...

I have followed the above procedure but no luck. It always stuck in ons step. 1) Unplug the phone
2)Power off the device( It is already been switched off)
3)Insert it by pressing vol up

again i have switched on and switched off and inserted in to the USB(with out switching on and off i inserted it by pressing vol + no luck) by pressing vol + when i click retry

same issue again. Please help

Akarsh Seggemu said...

@Anonymous @Halman Freud
You are welcome

@kumar dodla
Kindly follow the steps carefully, i had posted the procedure based on how i was able to do it, most of others are able to do it.

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