Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Configuring NETGEAR N150 wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router DGN1000 for bsnl broadband

Follow the below steps carefully for configuring NETGEAR N150 wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router DGN1000 for bsnl broadband.

  1. Open Your Browser ( Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Epic, Opera, Safari ), then type in the address bar and press enter, it will take you to the netgear page.
  2. Enter the credential of the Username and Password as in the instructions manual of the netgear, you will get along with your box it will be named as package of contents.
  3. Click on the left side panel, Basic Settings. under it enter the following as follow :
Does Your Internet Connection Require A Login?

Encapsulation = PPPoE(PPP over Ethernet)

Login      : (This you have to get from your isp provider)
Password: (This you have to get from your isp provider)

Internet IP Address  : get dynamically from isp

Domain Name Server (DNS) Address :
 Use these Dns servers :
  Primary Dns   :  218:248:255:145
  Secondary Dns:208:67:222:222

NAT (Network Address Translation) 
click apply

4. Goto Adsl settings.

Multiplexing Method 

VPI  -  0
VCI -  35
click apply

5. Goto WAN SETUP under ADVANCED tab.
 change MTU SIZE to 1460
(Remember if you dont change this settings some sites like yahoo didnt open properly and makes the modem to overloaded which will result in frequent disconnection)
click apply.

Your internet connection is ready now to use with ethernet cable.
6. To use the wireless connection, go to wireless settings and do as follows :

Name (SSID): Any name you like
Channel: 11

Wireless Access Point

Enable wireless access point : Yes
Allow Broadcast of Name (SSID) : Yes

 Go to security options and select WPA2-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 with Pre-Shared Key)

WPA-PSK Security Encryption Network Key (8 ~ 63 characters) : Write down your preffered password ( The password must contain both numbers and letters.
Click apply and now your internet connection is ready to use.



Manivannan said...

Thanks bro!!! Gr8 post..

Prashant said...

Thanks thanks bro, that helped lot. keep it up.

Vishu said...

Thanks dear. IT was a great help. I was facing the same problem as u mentioned. Yahoo was not at all opening. After setting MTU as suggested, its working fine now. Thanks a lot.

Neerajkumar R said...

Thanks for the post. I have doubt.
If i provide the ISP password with 'n' characters and then clcik apply. The password then changes to 8 characters. Is this the default behavior.
For example: ISP Password is "apple". If i click apply it will change to 8 characters.

Rajesh said...

It was of great help dear. Thanks a lot.

Sadam said...

Thanks a lot bro....aftr setting MTU, everything wrks fine...Gud wrk!

Anonymous said...

struggled a lot for making this perfect. My search ended here. Perfect solution. THANK YOU lot

Akarsh Seggemu said...

@Manivannan @Prashant @Vishu @Rajesh @Sadam @Anonymous you are welcome @Neerajkumar R i dont know about the ISP password, better you contact BSNL broadband

Anonymous said...

In my modem i did this same settings
but internet is not connecting..

internet light in red
and using microsoft trubleshooting it shows DNS not detected
pls help mee....

Vikram Chauhan said...

Thanks, your step by step info was good, i liked it. Now i know how to configure netgear n150 wireless adsl2+ modem router dgn100 for bsnl broadband.

netgear router

alfanso thomas said...

Hey this is great to know the simple step to do this task....very effective!!!

Visit webpage for the Netgear Router Support


Anonymous said...

Tried your steps. Still cannot connect. Plz help.
Dr. Arun

Anonymous said...

My email id.
Dr . Arun

Akarsh Seggemu said...

@Anonymous try checking up connecting wires of lan, internet,
then power off & on
then reset
also check whether the internet line is up or down in your area or street.

@Vikram Chauhan @alfanso thomas you are welcome

@Anonymous or @Dr.Arun
try checking up connecting wires of lan, internet,
then power off & on
then reset
also check whether the internet line is up or down in your area or street. i mailed to your id

Anonymous said...

Hey thank you so much! the settings worked bang on. cheers! most of the websites which were not opening before are now opening.

Anonymous said...

Hey thank you so much! the settings worked bang on. cheers! most of the websites which were not opening before are now opening.

Anonymous said...

U r awesome helper man!! Big thanx from me :-)

Pritam said...

I cant thank you enough. That MTU number solved everything. I was unable to open websites properly.Now its all fine. Thankx mate

Anonymous said...

thank u ..the MTU info helped ....was having a real tough time getting help from the BSNL guys...thanks again


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Hashiq said...

I couldn't set the MTU to 1460. When I tried to save this value, the following message is getting.

DMZ IP is out of range (1-254).

And now I cant open certain sites like yahoo....

Akarsh Seggemu said...

@Anonymous & @Anonymous & @Anonymous & @Pritam & @Anonymous & @Anonymous & @Anonymous You are Welcome

@Hashiq change the mtu value to 1420, 1430,1450 if 1460 as 1460 is not working for you

Rajesh P Menon said...

He man thanks a lot it worked well for me.I called BSNL guys but they failed to fix my problem...gd wrk man...!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot...!!!
fighting for 2 days.. I was facing the same problem as u mentioned. Yahoo and some sites...!! nw solved..!!! \m/

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot bro. It was indeed very helpful

Anonymous said...

Thanks :-)

gauravd said...

I have also done the same settings but still not able to connect.
Can you please mail me the settings which worked for some other guy.
My email id is grv.dadhich@gmail.com

Thanks and regards

Anonymous said...

if i enter ip address after connecting the router and modem.the bsnl broadband website is opening instead of the router website.please help

sourav said...

Good Post. However I keep changing the MTU size from 1432, 1460 and 1492. Its like each site has its own way coming through. Sad but I find it real pain. My neighbors using T-Link(I guess) and since they installed it, they never face any issue unless BSNL server is down or power supply ;)

parth agarwal said...

bro you hav solved my very big problem i was not able 2 open many websites like yahoo dailymotion etc etc. even all the bsnl technician failed 2 solve my problem and they suggest 2 change the modem. but ur post is very very usefull keep it up bro keep bloging..................

Anonymous said...

super darling... nice work. It worked perfectly for us too....thanks a lot. keep it up

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot bro... It help me get access to sites which was never loading. Regards . Deepaul.

Akarsh Seggemu said...

@Rajesh P Menon @Unknown @Anonymous @Anonymous @Anonymous @Anonymous @sourav @parth agarwal @Anonymous

you are welcome

i sent an email

check the netgear manual of opening the modem router dgn1000, netgear genie software from netgear will fix it or try resetting the router to default setting & try the steps, will solve it

Anonymous said...

Would be more helpful if you could tell me how to change the mtu value in netblaster NB-052G 54m Wireless ADSL2+Router?


parth agarwal said...

hi bro my laptop show limited access after sum time and this problem happens only with this router only and this problem is with all the laptop connected with this router but it does not happens with my phone or ipad. and some of the laptop never connects

Anonymous said...

hey thanks for your help bro..but i did all u have said except that changing 2 setting of DNS server r PRIMARY server somethin...is it safe changin that..and my friends using my dataplan with ordinary wifi modem hav a download speed of 100kbps but me only 55-65kbps..can u help me out to get my old speed of 100kbps..!!
thank u..!

Anonymous said...

hey man my mtu is in 1500 is it good or change it to some how

Anonymous said...

Thanks man superb and easy to handle. Very helpful .

Lacy Brown said...

Hi, The post is really nice very few of technology blogs having information about Netgear Router Tehnical Supportsetup the post is so helpful for technical professionals.

Akarsh Seggemu said...

i had emailed you
@parth agarwal
i would advice to check the type of connection,
the settings of wifi router and laptop wifi settings
i would advice to contact the service provider & recheck the cabling of the router
so that you can get the speed back & also the network setting in computer and anti virus settings
yeah you can change it try checking with some websites with different mtu values
@Lacy Brown

Tech Roger said...

thanks for sharing this posting....

netgear extender setup

Akarsh Seggemu said...

@Tech Roger
you are welcome

sample said...

hi, i have problem with my router or ISP (hard to find)..

problem is wifi light is getting switched off automatically and i cant access the internet via wifi and through Lan but both the Internet and ADSL lights are on. this problem happens mostly in the evening like after 7pm. so now i'm in a state the i have day internet connection.

Please give your suggestion?

sample said...

what should i do with WPS button in my router?

Anonymous said...

Hi Akarsh,,

It helped solve the problem!!!!!

Thanks a lot!!!!!


Anthony Chow said...

Hi I am from Mauritius. I bought a Netgear DGN1000 but could not configure this router. I tried several times following all guidance given in the internet but no success.Do you think your setting may work for Mauritius Orange Telecom will work.i know nothing about these settings.

Alex Gold said...

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siddartha said...

thanks bro,the value of MTU has changed my problems thanks again

Anonymous said...

Thanks, your information was helpfull

SREEJITH said...

My Netgear N150 wifi modem was configured by the provider's office, but some important sites could not be accessed. I again contacted their higher authorities from where I got a wrong message that it is not the fault of configuration and contact the Modem Manufacturers.In fact I have no others to get help. Then I searched in Google and found this detailed illustration. Thanks a lot. Keep it up.

Gunanath Padala said...

internet is disconnecting while all lights are green in color showing No internet access can any once solve this problem

shantanu dhari said...

Plz help in setting Netgear modem DGN2200M with Mtnl delhi.

Anonymous said...


Lalit Sharma said...

Thanks for sharing this blog.This is very helpful and solving problems easily related to router problems. Good work. Please visit this link ----- Linksys Router Technical Support .

Anonymous said...

thanks bro !!

Anonymous said...

hey thanks bro. great

Amit said...

Hey Akarsh,
Great blog. I was having issues with configuration and your blog helped me much. Thanks for writing and keep blogging :)

Anonymous said...


Dharmesh Vyas said...

The mtu size is not taking 1420 nor 1430 nor 1460
kindly help me
my mail id dhama.vyas19@gmail.com

The RIP said...

Cannot setup my NETGEAR... Please advise!

Anonymous said...

Thanx buddy....great work (y)

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