Sunday, December 4, 2011

Root your backflip

guide to root your Motorola backflip

  1. Download moto USB drivers for 32bit/x86 or 64bit/x64 and install.
  2. Download the android sdk. Extract in your c drive and check if adb.exe is present in “c:\android-sdk_r07-windows\android-sdk-windows\tools
  3.  Download the rageagainstthecage file and unzip and extract to c drive and make sure two files and two folders are present in “c:\Moto_Root”
  4. Download this backflip-1.5.bat batch file unzip and save any where.
  5. Download and install 'terminal emulator' from market on your Motorola Backflip

  1. Enable USB debugging mode on your phone from Menu > Settings > Applications > Development.
  2. Connect your phone to your PC via USB and set connection to PC Mode i.e. Charge Only.
  3. Run the batch file you downloaded (Req. No. 4)  by double clicking on it. If a screen shows up and stops at a “$” prompt for you then its ok. If the black screen closes instantly make sure you have extracted the files correctly as mentioned in the requirements.
  4. Keep your phone connected to your PC, launch ‘Android Terminal Emulator’ or your favorite terminal app on it and enter the following commands in the app:
    cd /data/local/tmp
  5. You should eventually see this output on the phone:
    [+] Forked xxxx childs.
    Once this message appears, tap the Enter key and then enter the ‘exit’ command. That should close Terminal Emulator.
  6. Launch Terminal Emulator on your phone again. If you see a # prompt, proceed to the next step.   If you don’t see it, reboot the phone and try again. Note: In case you can’t get the # prompt even after rebooting, repeat steps 4, 5 and 6 to try again. If you still have no luck with getting the # prompt, use these ADB commands on the computer:
  7. adb kill-server
    adb devices
    adb shell
    You should now have a # prompt.
  8. Finally, in Terminal Emulator on your phone, enter the following commands:
 your phone should now be rooted.


sandeep said...

thanks dude :)

Anonymous said...

hey .. i wanted to ask u that there is a file in step 4 ' backflip-1.5.bat batch file' but i have updated to 2.1 before .. should i have to download this file ? will it be okay for 2.1 ?

sakarshkumar said...

@Anonymous you need to download the backflip-2.1.bat file as you are in 2.1.

Paresh Aglave said...

hi sakarshkumar i am not able to root my backflip can you help me...when im running batch file it runs and closes

Akarsh Seggemu said...

@Paresh Aglave
It may be because you might be directly running the batch file without the proper steps as stated above.

DickWood said...

Where can I find the 2.1 bat file? or can I just change the directories to point to the 2.1 folders in the bat file?

DickWood said...

I got it figured out, thanks for all the info on here.

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