Friday, February 11, 2011

Following are the softwares used for indentification of hardware

  1. AMD CPU Info: Software from AMD to correctly detect the installed AMD CPU on your PC.
  2. AMD CPUID: Software from AMD to detect the CPU clock, L1 and L2 memory cache, model, revision and supported instruction sets.
  3. AMD OverDrive: Program for identifying, monitoring and overclocking AMD CPUs.
  4. AMI Motherboard ID Utility: Finds out your motherboard manufacturer if its BIOS is from AMI. 

  1. BIOS Agent: Software that identifies everything about your BIOS and the need of a BIOS upgrade.
  2. Cpuid: Identifies the installed CPU.
  3. Cpuidw: Identifies the installed CPU.
  4. CPU-Z: Identifies the installed CPU.
  5. CD-R Identifier: Identifies the CD-R media brand name. It is necessary to install ForceASPI first, which is also available at this link.
  6. Codec Check: Small utility that detects which audio codec your motherboard has, allowing you to install the correct audio driver on your system.
  7. Ctbios: Finds out your motherboard manufacturer.
  8. Ctbios 1.5: Ctbios more updated version. Besides recognizing your PC motherboard manufacturer, it gives you a lot of information about it. The only problem is that this is software is in german.
  9. Ctp2info: Checks if your Pentium II or Pentium III processor is counterfeit or not.
  10. Ctpci: Lists all PCI devices installed on your PCI. Very usefull to find out your motherboard real chipset.
  11. Dimm_id: Checks if the type of SDRAM memory installed on your PC is PC-66 or PC-100.
  12. EVEREST Home Edition: Indentifies your PC hardware, including your motherboard manufacturer and model.
  13. GPU-Z: Program that reports all features from your video card graphics chip (GPU).
  14. Hwinfo: Excelente indentification software. Very useful to determine your motherboard manufacturer, model and chipset. More updated than Ctbios.
  15. Intel Turbo Boost Monitor: Small utility to monitor Turbo Boost tecnology.
  16. MobileMeter: Program for monitoring the temperature, clock rates and battery charge/discharge from your laptop.
  17. PC-Config: Identifies all components from your PC.
  18. PC Wizard: Program that identifies all hardware parts installed on your PC.
  19. Sandra: Identification, test and benchmarking software.
  20. Unknown Device Identifier: Software for identifying unknown devices installed on your PC, excellent to find out more information about devices Windows isn't able to correctly detect.
  21. Wcpuid 3.0: Identifies the installed CPU, giving you detailed info about it.

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